Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell Might Be Villains in Iron Man 2

I’m usually not so direct, but the title says it all as both actors are in serious talks with Marvel to take on roles as villains in the sequel to one of the biggest movies of last year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rourke is capitalizing seriously from his success in The Wrestler by circling a role as the main villain – a Russian bad ass covered in tattooes that THR is speculating as Whiplash. Variety is reporting the same thing, but speculating that the character is the Crimson Dynamo.

Since Crimson Dynamo is Russian, and, you know, since Whiplash is a woman – our money is on Rourke playing the former. Of course, it would be awesome for Rourke to stretch himself as an actor by playing a female. I also realize that there has been a male Whiplash, but so far he hasn’t played a major role in the Iron Man universe. Of course, we never know what sort of curve balls Marvel Studios might be throwing us.

THR is also claming that Sam Rockwell might be on board for a rare studio film appearance, speculatively playing Justin Hammer – the billionare, criminal financier counterpart to Tony Stark who bankrolls costumed super-villains and there weaponry needs. If they stay true to source material, Rockwell would have to take on a sweet British accent.

What do you think about Rourke or Rockwell joining the project? What about the villains? Are you okay not seeing Fin Fang Foom in the sequel? Me neither.

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