Michael Sheen Being Tapped as Blair or Blofeld for Bond


So it might not be true that Michael Sheen is being looked at for a record 198th role as Tony Blair for the forthcoming Bond 23: The Iota of Comfort, but it would be awesome. Plus, it might not necessarily be true that Sheen is being looked at for the villain Blofeld either. How’s that for a mindbender?

But according to MTV Movies Blog, an anonymous source is claiming that the actor might be joining the production, although they do recognize the probability that it may be a rumor rising from the involvement of co-writer Peter Morgan (whom Sheen worked with on The Queen and Frost/Nixon). Unfortunately, the site isn’t admitting that the only reason they’re covering the story is because Sheen is involved with New Moon.

The bigger news is probably that – they are bringing Blofeld back for the next Bond?

It’s also possible that this is a rumor since the production is barely off the ground, but it’s not a terrible idea. The character was most famously played by Telly Savalas, but he shows up in several other Bond films as a major thorn in Bond’s side.

Do you want to see Blofeld brought back?

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