Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro to Kill the Vegas Party Movie Dead With ‘Last Vegas’

Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro to Kill the Vegas Party Movie Dead With ‘Last Vegas’

Last Vegas is one of those movies that’s been in the works for quite some time, with several years of actors almost becoming attached to it and the movie almost getting put into production already under its belt. Written by Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love), Last Vegas tells the story of a bunch of old guys who are probably too old to be having a bachelor’s party in Las Vegas having a bachelor’s party in Las Vegas anyway. Think of it as the mash-up of The Bucket List and The Hangover that everyone’s been clamoring for.

While the initial buzz from The Hangover that was palpable when this project was first being talked about has been significantly lessened over the past year or so, the success of a movie like Bridesmaids has to mean that there have been movie execs out there somewhere looking for a project that could do for old men what that movie did for women; so now a new series of deals has been made that sees Last Vegas moving full speed ahead.

Yesterday THR reported that the film is scheduled to start shooting this fall under the watch of CBS Films, and in order to bring the printed word to the big screen they’ve hired director Jon Turteltaub (who made Cool Runnings and 3 Ninjas back to back!) to helm, and a returning-from-a-medical-leave-of-absence Michael Douglas to star. That’s a heaping truckload of Hollywood clout right there, but the parade of news involving Last Vegas isn’t over yet.

This one is set to be an ensemble piece, with myriad old men, and today Vulture broke some news about how Douglas’ supporting crew is shaping up. Apparently producers are currently negotiating with Robert De Niro to come on board as one of the principal revelers, and if things work out well with that screen legend, the next wrinkly but charming old codger they have their sights on is Christopher Walken.

If both names come on board, that would make three roles out of a planned quartet successfully cast. Who then would be the best possible name to get announced as the fourth? Personally, I’m rooting for Bill Murray. Not only would he be great, but that would give us another few months where we wouldn’t have to wade through constant Ghostbusters 3 rumors.

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