Michael Bay and Product Placement: A Match Made in Hollywood

A supercut of every plug the director’s ever used, all 555 of them.
By  · Published on June 27th, 2017

A supercut of every plug the director’s ever used, all 555 of them.

Director Michael Bay – whose fifth chapter of the Transformers franchise, The Last Knight, dominated the box office this last weekend, along with earning some of the best reviews of the series – got his start in the filmmaking industry shooting commercials for the likes of Coca-Cola, The American Red Cross, and the famous Got Milk? campaign. From there it was a short hop to music videos and then a major leap into feature filmmaking, but as big as Bay has gotten, he’s never forgotten his roots in the business, as evidenced by the copious – and I mean copious – amount of product placement in his films. The Transformers films especially are basically just two-hour commercials for everything from Ford to Taco Bell to Oreo to all 25 varieties of Mountain Dew. But hey, when the budgets for your flicks hover around the 200-million mark, I guess you gotta scrape cash together from wherever you can.

In the latest mind-blowing video from the fine folks over at Screen Crush, all 555 instances of product placement in Michael Bay’s films – I didn’t hit the button too many times, you read it right: 555 – have been catalogued. Naturally, as it was just released, The Last Knight isn’t included, so truthfully the total number is somewhere in the seven or eight hundreds, but you get the gist: Bay’ll take a buck from anyone and everyone who offers.

The next logical step is for Bay to start making features based off commercials. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d watch the crap out of a Bay-directed eco-disaster-thriller starring those polar bears from the Coke Christmas spots alongside Mark Wahlberg and some Slovenian lingerie model.

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