‘Mesrine’ Mocks the Judicial System In This Exclusive Clip

The movie that you didn’t know about hitting theaters this weekend is the follow up to Mesrine: Killer Instinct which sees Vincent Cassel continue his role as the notorious French gangster who just happens to look like the anchor for a regional nightly news program in the 1970s.

Even without the context of the rest of the film, this clip shows how undeniably charismatic Cassel can play. Even though he’s in the hot seat in court, I’m instantly on his side – especially since he seems to be making an equal number of good points and 101 Dalmations references.

Check it out for yourself:

The same thing happened to me once, but my French wasn’t nearly good enough to find me talking my way out of it.

It’s highly recommended that you seek out the first film before heading to see Public Enemy #1, but this scene alone has me sold. The writing is tight, Cassel is at his playful best here, and there’s nothing wrong with making a be-wigged gentleman look foolish.

Public Enemy #1 hits theaters today in limited release.

What do you think?

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