‘Melancholia’ Gets A Bigger, Better U.S. Poster and a VOD Release Date

By  · Published on August 19th, 2011

Mere hours after the announcement that Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia was hitting Fantastic Fest come September (similarly, also mere hours after I rifled through my junk drawer in hopes that it held both enough money and time to get me to Austin for the fest), the official U.S. poster for the film has been released, along with news of the film’s inevitable VOD release.

The film will hit theaters on November 11 in a limited release, but it will be available on VOD come October 7. Once Magnolia picked up the Palme d’Or nominee, it was pretty clear that the film would likely hit VOD first, as the distributor has made it their modus operandi to go the VOD route pre-theatrical release. The film did have a small release last month at an out of the way theater in Los Angeles County, so it remains eligible come award season.

The film went to Cannes with a polarizing poster, one that was alternately maligned and embraced for its simple image and short text, and this new poster expands on the look and feel of that first poster, but with much better results. Gone is the framework that held back Kirsten Dunst, and here she is given the entire poster to gaze out at onlookers, as that tagline tells us “it will change everything.” Well, yeah, Lars, you went and made a film about the end of the world, things are clearly going to be a bit different. In any case, I love this new twist on the poster, even though it uses a still of Dunst we’re all well-familiar with by now.

No matter the poster, Simon saw the film at Cannes and loved it, though I worry that he may still be gently weeping.

Source: Vulture

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