Megan Fox And Comics: Fathom vs. Hack/Slash

Megan Fox and Comics: Fathom vs Hack/Slash

Let us get a few things straight – we will cover anything that has to do with Megan Fox. If anyone knows what she had for lunch last Thursday, please drop me a line. Fox also wants to continue to be in movies, obviously. She has been sniffing around different projects – I like to imagine her crawling around in her underwear on all fours while reading Variety. One project her name was being tossed around was a comic to film adaptation of Hack/Slash by Tim Seeley, from Devil’s Due Publishing. Recently, news began to surface that her name was also being said in the same breath as Fathom, a series created by the late, great Michael Turner that revolves around a sexy Marine Biologist and the mysteries of the deep.

So which character should she play? Some may say both, because why not, she has breasts! I say hold on here. I’m not a die hard fan of Fox – sure she’s pretty easy on the eyes, but is she a powerhouse in the acting department? Does she have to be? Either way, this is my article and my rules and there shall be only one… comic adaptation in her immediate future. Let’s find out which.


Plot – Fathom follows Aspen Matthews, a mysterious girl who was found at sea and brought back to San Diego – 10 years after the boat had gone missing. The crew and passengers felt ‘lost time,’ never realizing they had gone missing. Aspen goes to UC San Diego to get a degree in Marine Biology and is an avid swimmer and surfer. She is invited to work at a secret government division that is researching a sunken alien vessel found underwater. The story later involves a race of underwater dwellers known as the Blue, of whom Aspen turns out to be one.

Fox as Aspen – Hm. I’m not sure that I could buy Fox as a marine biologist. I could buy her as a sexy underwater warrior who loves surfing and swimming. After all, she does live in Southern California.

Looks – There is no debating that Fox has the look of this character. They both have fairly rocking bodies and long, black hair. The similarities are strong and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch at all to imagine Fox slipping on the wetsuit bikini for this role. They even both share blue eyes, so it doesn’t get much closer.

Sex Appeal – It’s gotta be sexy. Does it get any sexier than an intelligent woman who loves the beach and spending all her free time swimming and surfing? (Actually see below, because apparently it does!)

Am I Sold – My buying temperature has been primed. We’ve seen a lot of revealing pictures of Fox in roughly the amount of clothing a bikini entails and she definitely looks the part. Plus, she looks good wet. I don’t see the role demanding much more than what Fox has given us already, that is, looking hot and occasionally moving quickly from one spot to another.


Plot – Cassie Hack is a “final girl,” someone who survives an attack by a serial killer or slasher, such as the likes of Jason Voorhees. The slasher that Cassie survived was a bit closer to home – her mother, “The Lunch Lady” killer, who murdered the children who teased young Cassie and then took her life in front of a young Miss Hack. She now travels on the road with her lurching sidekick and friend Vlad, a beast of a man (?) who wears a mask and swings sharp knives for fun.

Fox as Cassie – Cassie is a bad ass shit kicker with a troubled childhood. She’s a bit rough at times and can bring the pain. On the surface, they seem similar, though Fox plays bad girl, while Cassie is the real deal cut you with a knife kind of bad girl.

Looks – Again, Fox is a pretty decent likeness. Cassie has somewhat sharper features and a real mean look to her at times, which is different than Fox’s “I’m a bitch” look. Hack’s hair is generally shorter and she looks more intimidating than Fox ever has, but not a bad choice at all.

Sex Appeal – Cassie doesn’t like to galavant around in bikins, but she does wear short skirts, torn fishnets, clunky boots, and tight shirts splattered in blood. She’s like the ultimate bad schoolgirl who just chainsawed a murdering psychopath – way hotter than a sexy marine biologist. As the horror lead on the site, a dark haired girl in skimpy, tight, black clothes swinging a dangerous weapon around is pretty much the hottest thing I can think of. Oh, Cassie also has lesbian experiences sometimes. So I guess it did just get hotter (and we found one more thing Fox and Hack have in common).

Am I Sold – As a big fan of Hack/Slash I want to see this movie done right. I like the way Fox looks (duh) but I’m not sure she can handle the role with the requisite fierceness. There is some serious emotional baggage attached to Cassie, way more than “My dad stole cars.” It’s very important that Cassie be both smoking hot and a bad ass. I’m not entirely sold on Fox.


Megan Fox is a totally hot babe that, in the looks department, could hold down either of these ladies. When you step back and look at their personalities and habits, Fox seems like a natural pick for Aspen Matthews in Fathom. Cassie Hack should be played by someone equally hot, but with more of an edge to them or, sorry Megan, stronger acting chops. While I wouldn’t be upset if Fox played Cassie, I wouldn’t necessarily think it was the best choice. With both projects moving forward pretty soon, there may only be one route for her to go – and it should be the easy fit of Fathom.

And now, because I can, a gallery.

Which character is Megan Fox a better fit for?

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