Meet The New ‘Fantastic Four’s Implausible Quartet

By  · Published on February 20th, 2014

Meet The New ‘Fantastic Four’s Implausible Quartet

We’ve known for a while that Michael B. Jordan was going to bring his charm to The Fantastic Four reboot due next year from director Josh Trank, and now Variety has confirmed that The Human Torch will have some friends.

Kate Mara will play The Invisible Girl, Miles Teller has been offered the role of Mr. Fantastic and Jamie Bell is expected to get the offer to play The Thing.

The obvious takeaway is that this is more like The Abercrombie & Fitchtastic Four, but it’s at least a little encouraging to see an interesting shift away from the decade-old franchise incarnation. Will any casting matter while the film is under Fox’s roof? Maybe not. They haven’t exactly had a strong track record when it comes to superheroes. But in a world full of middle-aged people wearing spandex, it’ll be refreshing to see things tack a little younger.

And just for fun, here are the new Fantastic Four members in their most recent projects. It should provide some – confusing – context. Squint and see if you can spot the powers:

The Invisible Girl

Mr. Fantastic and The Human Torch

The Thing (NSFW)

All strangely appropriate, don’t you think?

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