Meet New ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Star Daisy Ridley Through This Excellent Sci-Fi Short Film

Blue Season Short Film

Lee Jones/Georgina Higgins

Why Watch? The official Star Wars VII cast was announced today, and between all the names that rang a bell was newcomer Daisy Ridley. So who is she? She’s done a bit of television, and she also starred in this sci-fi short film from Georgina Higgins and Lee Jones where she gets to be a badass in small doses.

There are no asses being kicked, but if her physicality in Blue Season is any indication, she probably won’t be waiting at the top of any space towers waiting to be space rescued by Jedi knights.

In the short, Sarah (Ridley) regains consciousness upside down in a mysterious locked room, connected by an accidental phone call to a man (Kenneth Jay) on the outside world willing to help.

In another testament to the high caliber of filmmakers taking on the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge, this short film opens with powerful atmosphere created by dank environments and a grating high drone of music that intensifies even as Sarah works her way to freedom. On the acting front, both Ridley and co-star Jay bring a panic of intensity to a terrifying situation. She especially appears as if she spent the night hanging upside down in order to prepare to look haggard and wily enough for the role while Jay seems to be able to sweat on command in order to make his character even creepier.

So, yes, Blue Season is a sign that we should be excited about Ridley’s inclusion in the Star Wars universe (and her rising star), but it’s also a fantastic piece of tense filmmaking. Jones and Higgins have made something uncomfortably special here.

What Will It Cost? About 5 minutes.

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