McG Finds Post-Terminator Work With Dead Spy Running

Warner Bros. is so confident in McG’s handling of their new Terminator: Salvation that they’ve already setup his follow-up project.  Per Variety, McG will be directing Dead Spy Running, the first in a possible trilogy of books by Jon Stock.  The novel won’t be released until 2009, so there isn’t much information available about the plot save for some publisher hyperbole.  “It’s John Le Carre meets Jason Bourne. It’s bloody good. He has reinvented the spy novel for the 21st century.”

That’s just not good enough for me, so I’m forced to make up my own plot.  Dead Spy Running centers on a man named John Pencil who sits in a prison cell awaiting execution.  A lesbian nun sits with him and listens as he recounts the events that led up to this moment… his induction into the CIA, his intense training, and his first and final act of espionage in an all-girls school that went awry and put him on death row.

Dead Spy Running will be McG’s third potential franchise after Charlie’s Angels and the upcoming Terminator: Salvation which opens May 22nd of next year.

Admit it, my plot synopsis sounds pretty good, especially the lesbian nun part…

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