McDonald’s Shrek Glasses May Kill You

McDonald's Shrek Glasses

This is what happens when movie marketing goes wrong. This week, McDonald’s will recall about 12 million Shrek drinking glasses because federal regulators found they contain the toxic metal cadmium, which poses some potentially serious health risks.

Made in promotion of the recently released Dreamworks animated film Shrek Forever After, the glasses each feature a different beloved character. The film, which has already grossed $154 million dollars domestically, is currently primed to win the box office race for a third weekend in a row, assuming it can stave off the 20th Century Fox release Marmaduke.

The question becomes: how will this effect the film’s performance? Aside from the perception that the movie is trying to kill your family, the situation does raise public awareness of the film.

Alright fine, that’s all nonsense. This situation has nothing to do with the movie itself. In fact, your kids may have more risk of damage from actually seeing the intensely subpar flick than from the cadmium, which is said to cause kidney, lung, intestinal and bone damage. Seeing Shrek Forever After could cause perceptive film quality syndrome, and that’s much worse.

Purchasers have been advised to keep the glasses away from children and to return them to McDonald’s for a refund. More info can be found at the website of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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