Matthew McConaughey to Take Over the ‘Stache Patrol

Matthew McConaughey to Play Magnum PI

The rumor of action hunk Matthew McConaughey taking over the mustache of Tom Selleck for a proposed Magnum, PI flick kicked up a notch recently as Entertainment Weekly learned that the role is his should he want it, and he’s currently reading the script.

The proposed Hawaiian private investigator flick was written by Rawson Thurber of Dodgeball fame, who will also direct.  Now I am in many ways qualified to comment on this, as a huge Magnum PI fan and the part time owner of a mustache.  I would, and I’ll bet most fans would, rather see a Tom Selleck as Magnum follow-up film, where we catch up to an older Thomas Magnum.  Hey, if both Rocky Balboa and Rambo made it work, this will work too.  Selleck is a great actor and a facial hair pioneer.  A true beacon of manliness if ever there was one.

But if Hollywood is intent on shoving this onto my plate, despite my full stomach of remakes, and wants me to eat only what they serve and not have what I want then fine.  Matthew McConaughey is probably the best choice for this role (after Tom Selleck!).  He has the beach body, that easy going style, and can rock action.  Personally I think Selleck handles transitions from easy going to hard ass detective perfectly, but like I said, Hollywood is force feeding me this.  Now the real question: Is Higgins the real Master Robbins? And will Magnum ever figure out the new combination to the wine cellar!?

Source: EW Hollywood Insider

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