Matthew Marsden Joins Some New Movie with Robots

Last summer, all the buzz was about the impending Transformers release, so it’s only fitting that this summer kick off with announcements about the casting decisions being made with regard to this blockbuster’s eagerly-awaited sequel, Transformers 2 (seriously… they couldn’t come up with a better name than that?), currently set for release next June.

The good news for all of the movie’s teen to forty-something fans? Megan Fox will return to play Mikaela (ever notice how they do that? Make hot chicks’ names be spelled all funky? I think it’s like some kind of hotness indicator; like, you get a list of all the people that you’ll be meeting at your speed dating session and you know, you just know, that the smokin’ blonde in the corner has GOT to be the “Crysten” on your list… yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about.)

But on to the actual news part—because everyone knew that Shia and Megan would be back—recently, the addition of up-and-coming British actor Matthew Marsden, who will be playing a British Special Forces agent named “Graham,” to the Transformers 2 cast.

In an interesting twist, has reported that director Michael Bay was so impressed upon meeting Marsen, an avid biker and swimmer, that he beefed up the Graham role from its original conceptualization in order to accommodate the actor. Since his move to Hollywood, Marsden has appeared in Black Hawk Down and DOA: Dead or Alive. According to the report, the British actor ironically made his film debut in Harvey Keitel’s 1993 The Young Americans.

The burly Marsden will join the likes of Captain Lennox (Duhamel) and Sergeant Epps (Tyrese). Depending on his performance in what will inevitably be next summer’s biggest and hottest blockbuster, I’d nominate Marsden to take over wherever Daniel Craig leaves off in the James Bond franchise. Think about it—he’s British, he’s fit, and he’s cute, to boot.

Transformers 2 hits theaters on June 26, 2009.

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