Matthew Goode Likes To Be Bad

by Robin Ruinsky

Matthew Goode is unhappy. He is downright disappointed. His movies are never good enough to contain his prodigious “talent”. The actor who was miscast in Watchmen, made a wanting adaptation of Brideshead Revisited worse, is very talented. At whining, complaining and presenting himself as a stereotype of the self involved, egotistical Actor with a capital A.

Here’s the secret I wish to impart to Mr. Goode. If you want to complain about everyone else doing you wrong you better be damned good before you open your mouth. Goode hasn’t shown any indication he’s good enough in anything I’ve seen him in to pull it off this “poor” downtrodden not so Goode act.

One part of this interview really jumped out at me. Goode declares he should have played Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited. This is the guy who gave a performance so weak as Charles Ryder he literally disappeared from the screen leaving a gaping hole where the character needed to be. He’s downright peevish that Ben Whishaw, Perfume, Bright Star, got the role. Not sure how many of you saw this film version of Brideshead Revisited, but Whishaw’s the only reason to watch it.

Alright, I’m a bit Ben Whishaw focused right now having watched him quietly blow the roof off the Lucille Lortel theater last night in his NYC stage debut in the “The Pride” written by Alexi Kaye Campbell. If Mr. Goode wants to learn what great actors do he might want to get on a plane and catch Ben Whishaw own the stage opposite a terrific Hugh Dancy.

It doesn’t end with Goode bashing Whishaw. In addition to feeling slighted in the roles he’s gotten, Goode doesn’t feel his salary has been high enough. He apparently thinks he’s living in poverty. He isn’t paid the big bucks he thinks he deserves. Ain’t that a shame. I’m weeping for him as I write this.

And now it’s reported Goode has auditioned for the role of Bilbo Baggins in Guillermo Del Toro’s The Hobbit. If he gets it Del Toro can look forward to yet another bland performance by Goode who talks a good game but doesn’t deliver.

But, Goode doesn’t like to travel so would he take the role? He complains about how bad Leap Year was then says he took it so he could go home weekends. All very sweet to want to be with the family, but he can’t really then turn around and whine about it.

Again, is there a reason anyone casts him in anything? Doesn’t he understand how truly unremarkable his work is and how lucky he is to get cast at all? And after he bad mouths everyone he’s worked with why would anyone want to work with him? It’s not like Goode is even any good.

Okay, I know I’ve used the Goode/Good thing to its limit but what else is there to say about this spoiled rotten not so master thespian?

See, here’s this pet peeve of mine. I get annoyed, irked, irritated and downright snarly when people who get paid to do what they supposedly love start whining. I get even more annoyed, irked, irritated and downright snarly when people as mediocre as Goode whine. Goode needs to retire. Maybe he should go try his hand at being a cobbler. Trouble is he’s no Daniel Day-Lewis.

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