Matt Reeves Moves From Monster Movies to Invisible Women

Matt Reeves

While internet buzz hasn’t quite reached forest fire proportion the way it did at the peak of Cloverfield’s reign (which has been long since stolen by The Dark Knight, but hey, what hasn’t been these days?), news of a possible sequel did ignite a spark which reached a steady glow in the back of the mind of many a modern movie fan. A quick check here and there to see if new information had appeared, an RSS feed post which quickened the pulse when reading the blurb beneath the title, these all allow the sequel buzz to continue to burn comfortably without much news to speak of concerning the monster’s possibly continued escapades. Sadly for those who eagerly await any and all tidbits regarding Cloverfield part deux, this may be all you have for months, so pace yourself. For Matt Reeves, keeper of the King Kong of the 21st century, has said that he has other things on his mind, and intends to keep Clover on the back burner, at least for the time being, whilst he dedicates his full attention to invisible women.

Before panic ensues and visions of dark glasses, floating bandages and trench coats all pop full-blown into the heads of people around the globe, rest easy, for MTV Movies’ interview with Reeves reassures us that he’s far classier than that. He may have re-invented the monster movie, but that doesn’t mean he feels the need to continue the trend with other areas of sci-fi.

“[The title] is sort of more metaphorical,” he explained. “It’s kind of a Hitchcockian thriller, in the vein of ‘Marnie,’ about this woman that gets so desperate to save her family, that she goes to crazy lengths and enters a life of crime. It’s a very, very psychological thriller, but then it’s a lot of fun.”

The story follows a former beauty queen, desperate to protect the ones she loves and willing to do anything to keep them safe. So, based on this description there will be some form of aging beauty (Sharon Stone? Does she still count? How about Nicole Kidman, can she pull off aging yet?) who battles crime lords when she stands up to them and protects her moral fibre… Or something. Then again, she could end up founding her own crime empire after she discovers she has a talent for crime. Though really, probably not. Reeves’ description sounds fascinating and he certainly seems capable of directing people in terror, though as a personal favour to me Matt, could you please lay off the shakey cam in this one?