Matt Damon and Cameron Crowe Buy a ‘Zoo’

The entire blogosphere has exclusively heard today that Matt Damon and Cameron Crowe are in talks for a team-up. More to the point, Damon is in talks to join Crowe’s next film, We Bought a Zoo, an adaptation of a memoir by Benjamin Mee. The story follows a man who buys a zoo. Get it?

Damon is in talks to portray Mee, who used his life savings to buy a dilapidated zoo, replete with 200 exotic animals facing destruction, in the English countryside. According to THR, “Mee, along with his children, had to balance caring for his wife, who was dying of brain cancer, with dealing with escaped tigers, raising endangered animals, working with an eclectic skeleton crew and readying the zoo for a reopening.”

The project sounds like a mix of heart and animal poop, something that is new territory for Damon but familiar territory for Crowe. For Damon, it’s another turn to the world of accents. Hot off of playing a South African rugby captain in Invictus, he’d play Mee, a Brit.

Should be an interesting little team-up, if it comes through. A story like this is well laid in the hands of Cameron Crowe, whose propensity for sentimentality is one of his strengths as a storyteller. He rewrote the script, which was initially adapted by The Devil Wears Prada scribe Aline Brosh McKenna. And Damon is a fine enough actor. And as you can see in the image above, he’s one head shave away from Benjamin Mee.

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