Emily Blunt is the Practically Perfect Mary in First ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Teaser

It is wonderful to see Mary Poppins again, even if just for a few seconds.
Mary Poppins Returns
By  · Published on March 5th, 2018

It is wonderful to see Mary Poppins again, if just for a few seconds.

In Mary Poppins Returns, which takes place 25 years after the events of the 1964 original, Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw), is now grown and still living in the Banks home at 17 Cherry Tree Lane. When his wife dies, and the family struggles to cope, Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) returns to the family to help them learn to heal. Lin-Manuel Miranda also stars as the lamplighter Jack, an apprentice to Dick Van Dyke’s Bert from the original film.

Unfortunately, the first teaser trailer does not include Miranda displaying his cockney accent, so we will be eagerly awaiting that in any forthcoming clips. Watch it below:

The gap between the original and the upcoming film is one of the longest between sequels in film history, at 54 years. The former has been canonized within Disney history due to Walt Disney’s relentless desire to gain the rights to the book to adapt — a story that got its own critically and commercially successful film, Saving Mr. Banks, in 2013. However, that film also received criticism for its revisionist interpretation of the relationship between the book’s author, P.L. Travers, and Walt. But as Lindsay Ellis considers in her video essay on the topicSaving Mr. Banks does manage to capture the brilliance and heart of the original adaptation.

So as a sequel (not a remake),  Mary Poppins Returns will be interesting to watch in order to see to what extent the world and the values of the Banks family have evolved over its time gap, not only within the narrative but in director Rob Marshall’s vision in 2018.

And for anyone concerned, Julie Andrews is unfortunately not in the film, but she’s fully on board with Emily Blunt’s casting.

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