Marvel Shake-Ups at Fox: Josh Trank Officially Set for ‘Fantastic Four,’ David Slade Exits…

By  · Published on July 12th, 2012

Marvel Shake-Ups at Fox: Josh Trank Officially Set for ‘Fantastic Four,’ David Slade Exits ‘Daredevil’

It’s a good news, bad news day over at Fox when it comes to their ripe-for-reboots (at least in their minds) Marvel properties. Over at Deadline Hammer Falls, (via Cinema Blend), the outlet reports that Josh Trank is now officially set to helm their Fantastic Four reboot, just as David Slade exits their latest take on Daredevil.

While Chronicle director (and comic book adaptation director It Guy) Trank is apparently still signed on for two other comic adaptations- “Shadow of the Colossus” and “Red Star” – and he’s been rumored as a top pick to helm a “Venom” film, the outlet reports that the studio expects that he will direct Fantastic Four next. The film will feature an all-new cast, and Fox is planning on scheduling its production after their new The Wolverine and the X-Men: First Class sequel, which means we’re due for massive casting speculation as of sometime last Tuesday.

Happy Trank news aside, however, the studio is now apparently “scrambling” to find a new director for their Daredevil reboot, as David Slade has left the project after being attached to it for over a year (as ever, scheduling conflicts are to blame). Fox is reportedly happy with the current script for the project, which is certainly good news, but the studio is strapped when it comes to contractual risks – mainly, if they don’t get the film in production by this fall, their rights to the property could revert back to Marvel Studios and Disney. Throw that massive new Daredevil director speculation on the same pile as Fantastic Four casting rumors.