Martin Campbell Might Direct Lantern, Green Lantern

What is coming out of that ring??

You’ll see what I did there. Instead of writing something about GoldenEye and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell eying Warner’s warm director’s chair for Green Lantern, I went ahead and made a pun so bad that it might ruin your morning when you read it. Chew on that with your Frosted Flakes. And if you’re reading this in the afternoon – why weren’t you up earlier? And don’t use that old “time zones” excuse, West Coast. It’s getting old.

Variety has the scoop about Campbell being in talks to have his last name printed on a foldable chair for the project which has been in development for a healthy bit of time.

They also accidentally make a very interesting point about which DC properties are getting the go-ahead over at Warners. Adaptations of further Superman films and their fabled Justice League concept are on the backburner while two lesser-known titles (there, I said it) Jonah Hex and Green Lantern seem to moving forward – one having a bankable name starring and the other inches away from scoring a very talented director.

If Green Lantern hops on the fast track, it will also be a return to the fantastical side of comics with the hero coming from another planet and using a ring of power that seemingly arbitrarily doesn’t effect the color yellow or wood-based objects. This might end up being a dramatic shift back from the shell-shock of a (mostly) reality-based comic like The Dark Knight and, to a certain extent, Jonah Hex which will begin filming this April.

That’s a topic for a much longer article, but it will still be interesting to see how filmmakers get us back into a world of men from other planets with honest-to-goodness superpowers.

What do you think? Is Campbell the right choice for something like this? Who should play Green Lantern? And WHICH Green Lantern should it be?

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