Marley Shelton Goes Untitled

Fans of this year’s underground internet sensation turned box office flub Grindhouse will know exactly who I am talking about when I say the name Marley Shelton. That is, as long as you stuck around for the credits. Shelton was the sexy (but deadly) nurse from Robert Rodriquez’ side, Planet Terror.

Reuters is reporting today that Shelton will star alongside the always snarky and entertaining Adam Goldberg in Untitled, an indie feature directed by Jonathan Parker (2005’s The Californians). Goldberg will play a composer who falls in love with an art gallery owner (played by Shelton) who profits from the work of his brother. It’s one of those twisted love triangles that involves money, nothing new. The good news is that both Goldberg and Shelton always seem to find their way into decent flicks, with the obvious exception of Sugar & Spice. Come on though, it was Marley in a cheerleader outfit. You just can’t go wrong with that.

As for the Untitled movie, it has no start date and no release date as of yet.

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