Marley and Me Wins Again at the Box Office


Well, there’s not much news to report this weekend at the Reject Report. Thank you very much, Hollywood, for not rolling out any new wide releases and giving me (and a lot of movie fans) a free weekend to watch football on TV.

Here’s what happened at the theaters this weekend. Suffice it to say the winning streak for dogs at the box office seems to keep on rolling on:

1. Marley & Me$24 million
2. Bedtime Stories$20 million
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button$18.4 million
4. Valkyrie$14 million
5. Yes Man$13.8 million
6. Seven Pounds$10 million
7. The Tale of Despereaux$7 million
8. Doubt$5 million
9. The Day the Earth Stood Still$4.8 million
10. Slumdog Millionaire$4.7 million

So that’s what happened at the theaters this weekend. Now I plan to resume my weekend watching NFL games here in frozen Canada. See you later this week with another Reject Report where, hopefully, I’ll have something to say about these movies coming out. (I notice Gran Torino, which made $2.8 million this weekend, is finally going to be released wide. About time.)

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