Mario Cantone and Olympian Nastia Liukin to ‘Chalk It Up’

If it wasn’t for the Olympic fever that currently has me thinking more about tonight’s prime time coverage of the decathlon than what movies are coming out next Friday, I would have normally let this little production tidbit slide by without a mention. But in honor of hottie Nastia Liukin and her gold medal performances at the Beijing games, I think it’s worth mentioning.

The aforementioned Liukin is currently in talks to star in a film entitled Chalk It Up alongside flamboyant comedian Mario Cantone. The production, which appears set to begin sometime in December of this year, is under the production eye of Jasper Jan, who previously co-produced the movie Splinter, starring Edward James Olmos. While no story details have yet been released, we do also know that comedienne Victoria Jackson and Liukin’s Stick It! co-star Maddy Curley are also attached to the project.

Now, I know that this seems like lame news, but it’s the weekend and we really don’t have much else going on. As well, it appears that the FSR staff has come to a consensus that Nastia Liukin is worth talking about. As well, it was only a matter of time before she ended up in another movie after bringing home 5 medals from this year’s Olympic competition. But to be co-starring with Mario Cantone in what the title suggests is clearly a gymnastics movie? This is interesting. Who knows whether it will end up hitting theaters or go straight to DVD, but I will be keeping an eye, as this could turn out to be an interesting project — and by interesting, I mean that it could turn out to be horrendous. But that’s all speculation.