Margot Kidder Plays Shrink in Zombie’s ‘Halloween 2’

margot-kidder-hotRob Zombie’s Halloween 2 — that’s H2 if you’re too lazy to spell out long words that end in “ween” — is officially going to kick ass. Yup. Veteran scream queen Margot Kidder is on board.

Hey. Don’t laugh. Kidder is awesome and adds instant horror cred to this sequel-to-a-not-too-shabby-remake. Kidder had a life before her goofy drug-fueled antics earned her an unauthorized cameo on The Family Guy, you know.

She was best known for starring opposite Christopher Reeve in the classic Superman flicks of yore, but Kidder also starred in three of the finest horror movies from the ‘70s: Sisters, Black Christmas and The Amityville Horror.

Considering what a debt the whole slasher film genre owes to Black Christmas, it’s nice touch on Zombie’s part to cast Kidder his latest gorefest. And, in what could be construed as twisted irony, ShockTillYouDrop reports she’ll play Laurie Strode’s therapist.

Go, Margot, go.

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