Malkovich Will Ride ‘Secretariat’ with Diane Lane

By  · Published on September 22nd, 2009

Malkovich Will Ride ‘Secretariat’ with Diane Lane

Aren’t you glad the words ‘Diane Lane’ and ‘Secretariat’ aren’t switched around in that headline? Me neither. But then the film wouldn’t be made by Disney.

According to Variety, someone inside John Malkovich’s head will be controlling the rest of his body for Secretariat, a Disney film based on the story of the most famous Triple-Crown winning racehorse of all time. Malkovich will play a former jockey-cum-trainer, Lucien Laurin, who prepares the horse to win races and hearts. Meanwhile, Diane Lane will play Penny Chenery who owns the horse and knows absolutely nothing about horse racing which should facilitate some awesome exposition opportunities.

Luckily, Seabiscuit happened 6 years ago, so by now audiences will have probably forgotten its existence. In other news, I’m hoping that the film leads to a prequel called Bold Ruler (the name of Secretariat’s father. Seriously. What an awesome name).

What do you think? Yes, Bold Ruler could star John Malkovich, too, so stop asking.

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