Madonna and Child – Michael Moore to Highlight Her Film

“She’s sort of entered my realm.”

That’s what Michael Moore had to say about Madonna, regarding her documentary about the plight of the orphans in the African nation of Malawi.

After seeing her film I Am Becasue We Are at the Cannes Film Festival, Moore announced that Madonna will appear at his Traverse City Film Festival on August 2 to showcase her work.

Madonna narrated and produced the documentary about the country which is ravaged by poverty, disease and AIDs. The singer was embroiled in controversy in 2006 due to her adoption of a baby from Malawi. “You’re extremely moved when you watch it,” Moore said of her documentary. “You understand very clearly why she’s devoted so much of her life to the people of Malawi.”

Some may argue that having Michael Moore announce that you have entered his realm may not be the most flattering thing in the world. While Moore has won an Oscar and has been touted as the future of documentary filmmaking, he is often criticized for his fast-and-loose use of the facts and chronology. Perhaps Moore will suggest that Madonna retitle her documentary Bingu and Me.

No stranger to controversy and criticism, Moore also stood up for Madonna’s Malawi adoption: “As one who has seen what the yellow press can and does do, all of that was just one more reminder to me of just how dishonest so much of the media is in this country.” Hmmm…. we’ll just let the irony of that quote speak for itself.

Both Moore and Madonna are Michigan natives from the same area of the state – Moore from Davison and Madonna from Detroit. This will be a chance for fans of both celebs to catch them on their home turf (albiet on the other side of the state) in August.

Sound off: Who is a bigger baby… Madonna’s Malawian baby David, or Michael Moore?

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