Madman Frank Darabont to Unleash His Next Monster With ‘Godzilla’ Rewrite

Though Frank Darabont’s translation of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” comic book from the page to the small screen for AMC was a process full of tumult – given that Darabont famously fired his whole writing staff after the first season and was eventually replaced as show runner himself – it’s hard to argue the fact that the foundation he laid in creating that show was a solid one, and has resulted in a huge hit for AMC that has captured the attention of horror fans all over the world. So it should come as no surprise that his next project is going to involve working with genre-heavy material once again.

Deadline is reporting that he’s just been brought on board Legendary’s upcoming reboot of the Godzilla franchise to give their script a final rewrite. The script, as it currently stands, was written by The Seventh Son scribe, Max Berenstein. Darabont’s hiring is coming at the same time that Legendary is having disagreements with two of the producers on the film, Dan Lin and Roy Lee. The basis of the disagreement seems to be that Lin and Lee were two of the people at the beginning of Legendary’s deal to license the Godzilla rights from Japanese production company Toho, so they feel that they should be getting more money than Legendary is giving them, and Legendary feels like they’re in their rights to drop Lin and Lee, which would still leave three of their people on the project with producers’ credits as well as a fourth name that’s being brought on from Paramount after her work on director Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming monster movie, Pacific Rim.

This sounds like a lot of boring, inside baseball stuff, right? Yeah, it is. But it’s at least encouraging to know that, if there’s going to be a bunch of backstage squabbling going on while this movie is being made, the guy who’s being given the final go-over of the script is used to thriving in high pressure, political environments. Add that to the fact that Monsters director Gareth Edwards is still on board to helm, and everyone who’s seen any rough footage of what the movie is going to look like generally lose their heads over how cool it is, and chances are this is a project that’s still in good shape. Which is great news, because it’s been a long time since movie nerds have had anything Godzilla-related to be excited about.

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