Made of Honor Movie Review

Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan search for the script.

I don’t hate Patrick Dempsey, but to be honest, I don’t see what the big deal is with the guy, either. He’s not bad looking, but he’s also not… well, for lack of a better word, McDreamy. Still, the guy has a following from Grey’s Anatomy, and that’s why he’s given a shot with Made of Honor.

The only thing that Hollywood doesn’t understand is that just because he’s a sexy hunk on television does not necessarily translate into box office gold. Sure, Dempsey has been in several hits, including Freedom Writers and last year’s holiday favorite Enchanted. However, no one except Patrick Dempsey’s mother saw those movies for him. (And even then, I’m sure she was just delighted with Amy Adams when she saw Enchanted.)

Depending on how Made of Honor does as an alternative to the blockbuster juggernaut that is Iron Man will help decide if Dempsey has a solo movie career or if he’ll be the Luke Wilson of today who can just play off more popular female stars.

Made of Honor is about a rich womanizer named Tom (Dempsey) who is such a cad when it comes to women that he refuses to violate a list of rules, including not seeing the same woman two nights in a row or more than once in a week. Of course, he’s perfectly honest with his girlfriends about his commitmentphobia, and miraculously, they’re okay with it. (I’d like these women’s phone numbers please, because I think they’re living in the magical world at the North Pole with another figment of our imagination.)

Tom’s best friend is a woman named Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), and they spend every Sunday together in an annoyingly cute platonic relationship. However, when Hannah takes a business trip to Scotland, Tom realizes he’s in love with her. He’s ready to confess his love for her when she returns, only to find out she got engaged. Then she asks him to be her maid of honor… and the hilarity ensues.

Or so it was supposed to.

I can’t see how anyone can’t see this film as a cheap rip-off of My Best Friend’s Wedding… only with a dude. And the only thing that McDreamy proves with this film is that while he probably knows Julia Roberts and has met Julia Roberts, he’s no Julia Roberts.

Still, I give him an A for effort – along with the rest of the cast who struggle with a wildly imperfect script and weak direction. But effort can’t give you a good movie when it’s destined to be lame. The writing is so woefully awful that it resorts to cheap tricks to coax the audience into laughing during otherwise unfunny scenes. But really, how many jokes about fat bridesmaids can we stand?

I took my wife to this one because she adores any form of romantic comedy. She liked the film, so I suppose it’s core audience is intact. But like the other Grey’s Anatomy star vehicle 27 Dresses, this is really a substandard film for its own genre.

THE UPSIDE: This is the card you play to get your girlfriend or wife to go see Iron Man with you.

THE DOWNSIDE: McDreamy ain’t cutting it, and why doesn’t he ever shave?

ON THE SIDE: There is a theory among my film critic friends that people did this movie only so they could spend a couple weeks in Scotland.

Grade: D

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