‘MacGruber’ Director Jorma Taccone Adds ‘Spy Guys’ to His List of Funny Things to Make

Whether he’s making web shorts with his fellow Lonely Island members Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg, (formerly) writing for NBC’s long-running sketch show Saturday Night Live, or directing cult favorite films like MacGruber, Jorma Taccone is always finding ways to keep busy. It almost seems like he enjoys getting paid to make funny stuff all the time, or something.

While everybody clearly still enjoys his past work on SNL and the web, it seems like the really big bucks must be in the movies, because more and more it appears that the man is turning to feature film directing as a way to fill up his work calendar. Earlier this year we heard that he had been attached to direct an Image Comics property called The Great Unknown, which is a story about a deluded, self-proclaimed genius on a quest to discover how all of his first-rate ideas are being stolen on a worldwide level. And now we have word from THR that he’s been attached to direct yet another film, this one called Spy Guys.

From a script by writer Adam Sztykiel (who has credits on Made of Honor and Due Date), Spy Guys is said to be a spy flick in the grand tradition of things like True Lies, Mission: Impossible, and Ocean’s 11; except with a comic twist. The humor comes when a couple of schlubby, average Joes get sucked into the dangerous world that one of their buddies (who’s secretly a member of the CIA) lives in during the other half of his double life. Marked as accomplices to an enemy of the state and on the run from Johnny Law, will these nitwits be able to avoid capture long enough to clear their names?

Probably. It is a comedy, after all. The real question is whether the things they do along the way will manage to be funny. Having Taccone’s name on board offers up a little reassurance that there will be chuckles, but Sztykiel is still something of a mystery. Will he have what it takes to shine when finally given a writing project of his own? Would Taccone and the buddies he’s obviously going to cast be able to spruce up a mediocre script with improvised humor anyway? Ideally, the answer to both of those questions would be yes, but we’ll have to wait until this thing actually gets made to see how everything turns out. It’s all in the game.

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