Luke Evans Confirmed to Play Head of Rival Faction in Sixth ‘Fast and Furious’

By  · Published on May 9th, 2012

There’s been plenty of buzz about potential casting in the sixth Fast and Furious film (seriously, the sixth film), which we’re just going to refer to as Fast Six until someone tells us otherwise, but it’s been hard to quantify any of it without knowing the plot that these new characters would fit into. Fortunately, today we’re gifted with some confirmed casting (beyond, of course, the core crew who are all expected to return) and the first bit of real plot information for the film.

As had been rumored last week, Luke Evans is in final negotiations to play the bad guy in Fast Six — not necessarily a villain (though that’s what been widely reported), but at least a dude audiences will likely be rooting against. The news comes from Variety, who detail his character by expounding a bit more on the film’s plot – it will “involve the crew heading overseas to work on a heist job. Evans would play the leader of another crew trying to pull the same job.” See! Not a bad guy! He’s just like Paul Walker! Or Vin Diesel! Maybe we’ll end up liking him! It’s happened before!

This reported plot definitely fits in with what we know of the film so far – particularly that it would be moving to Europe and that the franchise would instead focus on heists versus just slick cars and fast races. And it certainly could spell out some potential twists, particularly in regards to that shocking cameo at the end of Fast Five, one that could reveal that the crew would be going up against a very unexpected former friend.

There’s still no word if the rumored Rihanna casting is coming to fruition, or if Gina Carano will be joining the film, but if Evans is leading a crew, he’s going to need some able bodies by his side.

The film will be released on May 24, 2013.