Lou Ferrigno Will Tear Off His Purple Pants For ‘The Avengers’

Announcing cameos in movies seems pretty pointless, especially if the announcement has the ability to ruin a great (zombified) surprise. However, the news that Lou Ferrigno will be involved in The Avengers seems 1) obvious considering his track record with past Hulk films and 2) completely surprising for some reason.

Whether he’ll be rocking a cameo like in the last Hulk or if he’ll be hilariously playing Dum Dum Dugan remains to be seen, but Ferrigno himself told an interviewer for Nuke The Fridge that he was involved.

Judging by Marvel’s love of self-referencing, it seems like they have the perfect opportunity to shove Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee into the same cameo shot. Perhaps as two sparring wrestlers at a gym or two cranky baristas at a local coffee shop. Either way, it’ll be nice to see the original Hulk hanging out while new Hulk (and crystal clear Hulk) steps into the spotlight.

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