Lost: The Final Season — ‘Lighthouse’ Video Blog and Review

By  · Published on February 24th, 2010

Every week through the epic final season of ABC’s Lost, we are bringing you into the common area of Reject HQ. There, as they have for a while now (several weeks), the Reject HQ Lost Club meets to watch the episodes live and discuss afterward. These video blogs are a record of what happens when the Bad Robot is done doing his little dance, or whatever that is.

In the fourth episode of Lost’s final season, Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) gets acquainted with the new Claire (Emelie de Ravin). She’s been on the island for three years without her baby – who she thinks was stolen by the “others” – and she’s ended up just like that crazy French woman. She’s pissed, she’s motherly and she’s armed to the teeth with explosives. On the other side of the island, Jack (Matthew Fox) and Hurley (Jorge Garcia) follow the orders of dead Jacob and head to a mysterious lighthouse that for some reason, no one has ever encountered before. Its curious existence is passed over en lieu of Hurley showing Jack how to access the looking glass-style mirror at the top of the lighthouse. Jack goes apeshit and smashes it all to hell. That Jack, he always did have a temper.

In bizarro world Lost, Jack has a son who is really good at piano. He finds out that he has a sister named Claire (in case we’d forgotten) and he’s not drinking anymore. Why would he? He’s got that swanky LA apartment and his kid is the next Mozart. Life’s good for Bizarro World Jack.

But enough plot – lets get to some analysis from our esteemed panelists, Dr. Cole Abaius (@coleabaius), Landon Palmer (@landon_speak), David Gunn (@phaedrus4223) and the always lovely Emily Younger (@emilyofaustin). This week, we are rolling pop-up video style:

What did you think of this week’s episode? Feel free to discuss your own thoughts and theories below…

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