Lost: The Final Season — ‘Dr. Linus’ Video Blog and Review

By  · Published on March 10th, 2010

Lost: The Final Season

This week, we learn that the first rule of Lost club is that you don’t talk about Lost club. Or something along those lines. In reality, we learn that the first rule of Lost club is that the show must go on. Because Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the masterminds behind television’s most beloved island-based drama, will not wait. And with yours truly sidelined by a nasty case of food poisoning, the Reject HQ “losties” had to go it alone.

From what I understand, this week’s episode of Lost was a good one, wholly focused on the fate of one Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson), a character that has cut through this show’s narrative like a knife since the first moment he was seen on screen. I can only imagine that more questions were answered, and more questions were raised. So without further ado – because no one likes ado – you can find this week’s Lost video blog below, featuring Dr. Cole Abaius (@coleabaius), David Gunn (@phaedrus4223) and the always lovely Emily Younger (@emilyofaustin).

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