Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks GI Joe

The lucky dudes over at IESB got a chance to chat with mega-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (pictured to the right with Dreamworks CEO Stacy Snider) about the upcoming GI Joe flick, which has been well scrutinized by the die hard fans (myself included) of the source material.

The interview is quite lengthy and I recommend you pop over there to take a good read of all the information presented. There isn’t much new, but you do get a feel for how Lorenzo is approaching the movie and it did give me some comfort about the effort.

Expect some major casting news within the next 10 or so days, including Destro, Duke, and Hawk. Bonaventura also chimed in on the recent, somewhat controversial (to me) casting of Marlon Wayans as GI Joe HALO jumper Ripcord. LdB wants us to remember Wayans’ turn in Requiem for a Dream, but also makes a few statements about how Ripcord and Duke need to be best friends and Ripcord gets them into trouble. VOMIT. Sorry. Ripcord was actually a cool, pretty hardcore character. He was an Airborne Ranger who constantly struggled within his role on the team as he also longed for a real life. And he wasn’t chums with Duke anymore than any other Joe, in fact, less than several. But I digress.

The tone of the new GI Joe film seems to be inline with Transformers, in that there will be some serious action, some fantasy weapons (?) and some doses of comedy. I’m ok with this, but not thrilled. I’m not sure what the weapons LbD talked about are either, I was hoping we’d avoid bubblecopters and laser guns. However, when questioned, LbD did somewhat compare this GI Joe film to Batman Begins if you consider GI Joe: The Animated Movie Tim Burton’s Batman. Though viewers of the animated movie will know that doesn’t mean all that much. Zing!

GI Joe, which may or may not be Global Integrated Joint BLAH BLAH BLAH Force, looks to be hit or miss at the moment, but there is some hope it will still just be called GI Joe, though LbD’s comments called Duke the Real American Hero, while being somewhat vague on how the rest of the team will be viewed and/or operate. I am excited at the Snake-Eyes news mentioned, which seems to subtly imply we’ll get to see the accident that scarred his face.

GI Joe begins filming in 5 weeks for a 2009 release.

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