‘Logan’ Star Dafne Keen to Sink her Claws into New Drama ‘Ana’

The ‘Logan’ co-star’s new movie sounds a lot like, well, ‘Logan’.
Dafne Keen Logan
By  · Published on May 10th, 2017

The ‘Logan’ co-star’s new movie sounds a lot like, well, ‘Logan’.

Logan’s Dafne Keen is to return to acting in feature films with her titular role in Ana. Keen’s first role since her breakout performance in James Mangold’s Logan, the 12-year-old actress will star opposite long-time actor Luiz Guzman.

Directed by Charles McDougal (The Mindy Project, House of Cards), Keen’s character, according to Deadline, forms an odd friendship with Guzman’s Rafa. After a chance encounter, the two ‘embark on a road trip to try and save him [Rafa] from bankruptcy, or worse.’

If a film about a young girl bonding with a middle-aged man while on a road trip sounds familiar, that’s because it is. As anyone who has seen Logan knows, the film was more concerned with relationships than it was with the latest superhero narrative. Bringing a thoughtful break from the superhero formula, Keen and Jackman’s onscreen relationship has solidified the child star’s bright future. What’s more, Keen is to remain a part of the X-Men franchise. What Logan‘s success shows audiences, then, is that they enjoy the dynamic between a potential father figure and young child.

Ana will most likely contain a lot less action than Logan, presenting Keen with a new tone of film to exist in. However, since Keen has proven she can act both through the emotion on her face as well as through dialogue, it’s clear Keen will overcome any challenges faced on Ana.

Cris Cole, writer of TV series Mad Dogs, has written the script. Cole and McDougall are to reunite with their Mad Dogs producer Luillo Ruiz’s company Pimienta Film Company. Ruiz, who has produced films such as The Caller and Welcome to the Jungle, has said of Ana that “these two extraordinary actors will take us on a profound and enthralling journey. Guzman and Keen will make a mesmerizing combo.” Let’s hope the dynamic is as exciting as Logan.

Ana is set to shoot next month in Puerto Rico.

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