‘Lockout’ Trailer Mixes Sci-Fi Fun With Prison Movie Grit

Guy Pearce in Lock-Out

The teaser trailer for the upcoming Guy Pearce vehicle Lockout (formerly Lock-Out) gave us a glimpse at the rogue charm Pearce has mustered up in the lead role, but it didn’t let us in on much of what the movie is actually about. The new full-length trailer over at IGN gives us a bit more of that Pearce sass, but it also lays out pretty much the whole plot.

Some of my favorite movies ever take multiple genres and blend them together. Sometimes blending genres creates a tonally weird mess (Cowboys & Aliens), but when you do it right you create something fresh and new out of used parts (Serenity), and it seems like Lockout has some potential to do the latter.

What we’re dealing with here is essentially a mixing of the spaceship movie with the prison movie, with a dash of caper film thrown in. Guy Pearce plays a loose cannon operative (who calls back to Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken more than a little) given the task of breaking into a maximum security prison that orbits the Earth and rescuing the president’s daughter, who had ridiculously been visiting the prison when a riot broke out. The results are a genre bending action movie that looks like Alien, shares plot elements with Escape From New York, and even throws some Con Air at us for good measure.

I don’t know how you feel, but to my arrested, adolescent brain that sounds like a recipe for an all-time great. And even if this thing turns out to be lame, it’s still good to see Pearce getting a chance to star in something again.

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