Lizzy Caplan Answers the Call to Star in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Next

Over the past decade or so Lizzy Caplan has built a pretty respectable career for herself being one of the go-to names you call if you need someone who’s both a pretty face and a sharp tongue for a big screen comedy. If you look over the girl’s filmography, she’s just constantly working. It’s looking like things could be getting even better for her as far as the acting game is concerned though, because not only is she currently starring in one of the fall’s hot new television dramas, Masters of Sex, which is creating quite a bit of critical buzz, but THR is reporting that she’s also just been recruited to be the female lead in the sure to be big next comedy from co-directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (This Is the End), The Interview.

What is The Interview? An absolutely insane-sounding movie about a smarmy talk show host and his television producer sidekick who somehow get wrapped up in a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea. That’s what.

Rogen himself is said to be playing the television producer, and his frequent collaborator James Franco appears to be on board as the television host, so, given their history of playing nincompoops together, you can probably imagine that they’re not going to be portraying the sorts of characters who take to the assassination game very quickly. They’re going to need an outside force to push them into it, and it seems like that’s where Caplan’s character is going to come into play. THR’s report says that she’s going to be playing the person who wants the prime minister assassinated in the first place, a “cleavage-showing” CIA operative named Agent Lacey.

It may not seem like that bit about the cleavage is relevant information at first, but perhaps it at least explains away why Franco and Rogen’s characters end up doing what she says. I mean, have you seen Lizzy Caplan? Those poor guys didn’t stand a chance.

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