‘Liz & Dick’ Teaser Trailer: Because We Must Never Forget That This Film Exists

By  · Published on September 25th, 2012

It would be both ridiculous and untrue to suggest that we haven’t been on the Liz & Dick beat since the Lifetime film was announced, but we have tried to (occasionally) tried to shield you, dear readers, from some of the horrors of the Lindsay Lohan-starring “biopic.” We can no longer do that. Now we must all watch the first “teaser” for the film. We must never forget that someone green-lit this project. Stay vigilant.

After the break, check out the first teaser trailer for Liz & Dick, which doesn’t so much resemble an actual teaser trailer as it does a moving representation of that horrible first poster for the film. At the very least, this film will be a wonderful inspiration for Halloween costumes for years to come.

Liz & Dick will premiere on Lifetime this November. [Lifetime]