‘Lives of Others’ Director Might Fall Into Jolie’s ‘Tourist’ Trap

By  · Published on October 19th, 2009

Recently, our very own Rob Hunter wisely included The Lives of Others in a quick list of German films that comprise a mini-resurgence in German film. He also outright loved it, and rightfully so, in his review last year (did you even know crap from last year was still on the internet?). Now, the director of that film, Florian Henckel von Donnersmark, may very well be making his Hollywood move by helming the Charlize Theron Angelina Jolie vehicle The Tourist.

With complete respect for an obviously talented director, I cannot see his name without hearing Eli Roth’s abysmal accent from Inglourious Basterds shout it out.

“And what about this director, von Daahhnuusssmaaaaaak?”

Idiotic digressions aside, Variety is reporting that the Tom Cruise Sam Worthington starring flick will be ripe for the studio picking soon enough with Jolie’s involvement contingent on finding the right director. Despite no deal being discussed yet, von Donnersmark is Spyglass’s (and presumably, then, Jolie’s) first choice. Of course, the picture getting revved up is also contingent on everything falling into place – like, say, a studio. Plus, Jolie has the option of kicking ass in this action flick or kicking ass as a zombie in the sequel to Wanted.

The plot to Option A is simple: Jolie’s character snags an America tourist to help her find a criminal who is also her former lover.

I have to hope that von Donnersmarck got a call from Spyglass before the Variety story ran, but then again, how cool would it be to read in a news article that you were a studio’s top choice to direct something?

Very cool. What do you think?

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