Live in Los Angeles? Love Seeing Movies in a Cemetery?

By  · Published on May 6th, 2010

Live in Los Angeles? Love Seeing Movies in a Cemetery?

While I was in DC, I had the pleasure of seeing a ton of classic films – from Treasure of the Sierra Madre to Casablanca out on the huge National Mall (sandwiched between the Capitol and the Washington Monument) with thousands of crazed fans dancing to the HBO pre-screening song.

What the good citizens of Los Angeles have makes me jealous.

I caught word (via Shock Til You Drop) that Cinespia will be hosting four films this year at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and the line up is insane. You may remember the event being used in the totally awesome, not at all a piece of plastic crap movie Valentine’s Day.

For some reason, this line up looks like it was programmed by me for me.

  1. May 15th – The Wizard of Oz
  2. May 22nd – John Carpenter’s The Thing
  3. May 29th – North By Northwest
  4. May 30 – Morris Day and the motherfucking Time star in Purple Rain

How is this line up even possible? Did Heaven melt down and pour down into the brain of the screening coordinator? Is it a CIA plot to lure me to the event and finally nab me for that thing I did back in college that I can’t talk about by court order?

Road trip time.

Which film would you go see?

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