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Live Blogging the Oscars

By  · Published on March 5th, 2006

In an effort to fit in with the other great bloggers in the blogosphere I have decided to go out on a limb and bring you live updates throughout the evening. So without further ado, away we go:

[9:01 pm Eastern Time] I got a late start due to internet troubles, but the Oscar Ceremonies did begin on time, Jon Stewart has made some quips about politics. Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell had an awesome on-stage moment in relation to make-up. And so it begins. Stay tuned for more updates in the next hour!

[9:12 pm] Here is a quick update on how we are performing in our picks of the big categories. Brian predicted that Jake Gyllenhaal would take the best supporting actor Oscar, but the Academy had other plans. George Clooney’s performance in Syrianna was recognized. I would say that this comes as the first big surprise of the night, at least to me. Also, Tara predicted that Rachel Weisz would win the best supporting actress Oscar and wouldn’t you know: Film School Rejects has scored its first successful point! We rule!

Brokeback Watch: Throughout the evening I will be keeping a running tab on the number of awards won by Ang Lee’s epic Brokeback Mountain. They are currently at 0.

[9:30 pm] Lauren Bacall looked as if she was confused in her own existence. It was disturbing to watch as she introduced a piece on Film Noir. The piece on Noir though, was at least interesting. Following that Kathleen York delivered an earthy and almost spiritual performance of her song “In the Deep” from Crash.

[9:45 pm] As I sit on the couch and view the musical montage that has been put together to display the nominees for Best Original Score, I am astounded by how slow paced the second act of the Oscar presentation has become. For those of you not in the business, the second act is a film snob term used to describe the “middle.” My only hope is that they bring Jon Stewart back on stage soon, or give away an award that is interesting.

[9:50 pm] Brokeback Mountain wins Oscar #1, Best Original Score. This is one of the elements of the film that was truly a joy to behold as it set the somber and ambitious tone of the film. A very wise and acceptable choice by the Academy. Brokeback‘s total is now 1.

[9:57 pm] With absolute boredom beginning to set in as Jake Gyllenhaal takes the stage to introduce a segment devoted to epics (which was interesting, by the way) I was perusing around the net via Technorati to find some other Oscar coverage. Scott Bowles of USA Today has written a very interesting short post referring to how Academy Prez Sid Ganis mentioned in his monologue that movie fans should “go to the theater” instead of waiting for the DVD. I agree, but if they continue this trend they may win a strategic marketing award… And then Jon Stewart made a hilarious observation about the absurd over use of montages during the Oscar presentation.

[10:17 pm] They just gave away the honorary award to the timeless great Robert Altman. I picked that one correctly, if you are keeping track. Also the interesting part of the honorary award was not Altman’s speech but the fact that it was followed up with a performance by Three 6 Mafia of “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp” from Hustle & Flow. We have defined irony once again, Hollywood.

[10:24 pm] I take back the comment about irony. The Oscars have just turned into the Vibe Awards. Members of Three 6 Mafia just accepted their Oscar win for “It’s Hard out here for a Pimp.” And Jon Stewart is as dumbfounded as the rest of us. A very deserving song wins, and they deliver probably the most “exciting” acceptance speech of the evening.

[10:32 pm] Jennifer Garner almost made the entire show worthwhile as she almost took a wicked spill on her way to the microphone to present the Oscar for Best Sound Editing. King Kong wins, and another uselessly long acceptance speech ensues. I say bring back out Three 6 Mafia! Nope, just George Clooney… But now the montage that everyone has been dreading, the very sad and slightly depressing yet honorable tribute to the fallen heroes of script and screen.

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