Lindsay Lohan Spreads Her Wings to Play Nymphomaniac

Lindsay Lohan to Go Nude in Her Next Film

Since every other site that covers this story will make some sarcastic comment about Lohan showing her acting range by playing a sex-addict, I’ll spare you the tired humor.

Instead, I’ll just give you the bare facts on what might become Lindsay Lohan’s finest role to date.

It seems like only last week we were letting it spill that Lohan would join on as a Manson girl. Now, it appears she’s signed on to play a waitress with a penchant for doing the dirty in a new film called Florence. She was last seen as a stripper with a penchant for doing the dirty in I Know Who Killed Me.

Despite that, Lohan may still not know who killed her career because a source (read: some random person) is claiming that she’s taking the avant garde role to appear theatrically legitimate.

Of course, in order to do so, she’ll really have to nail the part. If not, her attempt at a comeback to commercial viability might just blow up in her face. It’s hard trying to get a career to rise again, but Lohan has ample talents to get the job done. If nothing else, she’s arousing suspicion that she has a plan for her career and that she might just stick it to her critics in the end.

No doubt this role will be a penetrating character study that will draw a Standing O from audiences around the country. I know that prediction might be hard to swallow considering Lohan’s past efforts, but something tells me Lindsay will have it in her.

We here at FSR wish her only the best of luck.

Source: In Case You Didn’t Know

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