Ham For Ever: Lin-Manual Miranda Exits Hamilton to Light Up The Big Screen

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New rule: Whatever Lin-Manuel Miranda does in the future is approved for mass consumption.

If you are lucky enough to have tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway between now and July 9, you should consider yourself very lucky to be alive right now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that will be the last night that the show’s creator and leading man Lin-Manuel Miranda will be clocking in to wear Alexander Hamilton’s dapper brown coat and sing of not throwing away his shot.

While Miranda’s contract is up – along with most of the rest of the cast – the show will undoubtedly go on, including a planned American tour for the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama. So Hamilton fans across the country will eventually get the chance to see the musical, albeit with a different cast.

For Miranda, the parting with his brainchild doesn’t have to be seen as a negative. Unless you’re one of those fans who has played the Hamilton ticket lottery for the last however many months and come up empty. For you, this is going to be tough.

Miranda moves on to a slew of projects, many of which will end up at your local cineplex. Earlier this week, Disney announced that it has set a cast and title for its long-gap sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. Like The Dark Knight, Mary Poppins must also come back bigger, better, and older.

Mary Poppins Returns will feature Emily Blunt as the eponymous nanny, with Miranda playing a lamp lighter named Jack, undoubtedly filling the role that was once Dick Van Dyke’s Bert in the 1964 original. The film will be directed by Rob Marshall, who previously worked with Blunt on Into The Woods, and hit theaters on December 25, 2018. The story will follow “a now grown up Jane and Michael Banks in Depression-era London, who along with Michael’s three children, are visited once again by the enigmatic and magical Mary Poppins following a personal loss. With her unique skills and charm, in addition to the aid of her friend, Jack, Poppins will help the Banks family to once again rediscover the joy and wonder that has gone missing from their lives.”

Miranda will also make his way into theaters via the songs he wrote for the upcoming Disney animated musical Moana, which features the voices of Dwayne Johnson and Alan Tudyk, hitting theaters in November of this year. Plus, he has a film version of his first musical, In The Heights, in development.

So don’t despair, Hamiltonians. Lin-Manuel Miranda is moving on to do a bunch of new things and likely clean-sweep an EGOT within a few years. His overwhelming talent – the once in a generation kind – cannot and will not be contained. Rest assured that we won’t let you miss out on the next Lin-Manuel joint.


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