Lifetime Might Prove More Effective at Roping in Lindsay Lohan Than the Law

By  · Published on February 22nd, 2012

It looks like that Lindsay-Lohan-as-Liz-Taylor pipe dream we never thought would happen might just, in fact, happen. Last month, the Internet was atwitter with news that Lindsay Lohan might just snag a role as the divine Liz in a Lifetime movie (yup, that’s made-for-television) that chronicles the epic true life love story of Taylor and Richard Burton. The film, quite originally titled Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, has already most certainly benefited from the buzz that Lohan might take the role (which was then later refuted just a bit with the news that perhaps Megan Fox might get the role), but now it looks like they’ve just gone whole hog on this.

Over at Access Hollywood, they’re reporting that a “source” has revealed to host Billy Bush that Lohan has indeed won the role. While I’m more interested in picturing some sort of production mole whispering casting bits to Bush in a secret location, that’s not the real news here. The outlet reports that the role is Lohan’s (and either there’s a big typo here, or they’ve changed the name of the production to Liz and Dick), but that this casting comes with some serious stipulations – namely, that the trouble-prone Lohan “stay on the right side of the court.” Perhaps this will finally set Lohan straight – sorry, judges, jail, and rehab, Lifetime could actually prove better at keeping Lohan on the straight and narrow.

Lohan’s legal troubles have been well-documented by the press, but she has lately appeared to turn a corner in her lawlessness. That’s clearly helped her land this role, along with another hosting gig for Saturday Night Live next month. But while it’s nice to imagine that the producers of the film had some sort of heart-to-heart with Lohan about her behavior, culminating in them asking her to please, please, pretty please act like a grown-up, it’s probably just that – imagined. More likely? That the actress is uninsurable without some tough restrictions and an ironclad contract.

In any case, should Lohan end up playing Taylor in the Lifetime film, the production will most likely see high viewership – even if it’s just people wanting to gawk at this trainwreck casting. I genuinely can’t wait to see who they trot out to play Richard Burton.