Leonardo Da Vinci to (Finally!) Become a Big Screen Superhero

When it comes to unflappable adventurers who combine inventive gadgetry, a deep knowledge of the arts and sciences, and a stubborn dedication to doing what’s right, for my money, you can’t do much better than Batman. That guy is the guy. He’s the best fighter, the smartest, and the richest guy on the planet. Who could top that? But it’s important to remember that Batman isn’t the first regular-guy-turned-superhero out there in the realm of modern myth. There have been those who have come before, the trail blazers, the Ubermensch originators, men like the ultimate badass of all-time: Leonardo Da Vinci. Or at least that’s the concept Universal is hoping that we buy into for their upcoming fictionalized look at a young Da Vinci, Leonardo.

Leonardo is a spec script written by Jonny Kurzman, that Variety reports has recently been picked up by the studio. It takes into account the fact that the real-life Da Vinci was a mathematician, architect, artist, writer, scientist, and inventor who came up with concepts for things like helicopters, tanks, and solar power in order to paint the man as something of a globe-hopping adventurer.

In this story, he’s on a quest to keep Renaissance Europe from slipping back into the dark ages. That sounds like it could be a pretty fun story full of pretty fun stuff. Let’s just hope the script is good and somebody worthwhile gets sat in the director’s chair. We all deserve some good throwback, steampunk adventure after having to sit through The Three Musketeers recently.

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