Lee Daniels Says That Janis Joplin Biopic is Really Happening For Real This Time

We’ve been hearing that Amy Adams was going to star in a biopic of legendary drug monster/songstress Janis Joplin called Get It While You Can for quite a while now. We’ve been hearing about it since July, 2010, to be exact. Up until this point it’s proved to be one of those projects that keeps getting mentioned but never actually goes into production though. Somewhere around the fall of 2012 it was said that Precious director Lee Daniels was negotiating to make the movie, which seemed like it could be the thing that finally got it moving, but ultimately nothing came from the deal. Or, at least, nothing came from the deal until now.

Now that Daniels’ latest film, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, has come out, had a decent showing at the box office, and avoided creating any controversies surrounding anyone getting peed on, it’s looking like Daniels has once again solidified his position as a maker of studio movies – so it stands to reason that he’s going to have to pick a project to do next. Well, in an interview he recently did with THR, Daniels revealed that not only is he still attached to make that Joplin pic with Amy Adams, but that he now intends on making it his next job.

As a matter of fact, Daniels told the trade in no uncertain terms, “This is my next project for sure.” Of course, the new momentum behind the project once again brings questions to the surface concerning whether or not a precious little flower like Adams really has it in her to play a gravely-voiced, out of control booze hound like Joplin. But, in response to those concerns, Daniels assured fans that she is indeed the right woman for the job, because, “Guess what? She can sing her ass off!”

Which, I guess, means that Lee Daniels’ The Butler’s Lee Daniels hasn’t seen those movies where Amy Adams sings a bunch like the rest of us have, or else he would know that we know. Oh man, what the heck is this movie going to end up looking like? Let’s just hope that Adams doesn’t have to pee on anyone.

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