Lara Croft Laces Up for a Reboot

Buried deep, deep, oh so deep within the rotting ruins where creativity used to lie, GK Films has wiped the cobwebs off of a franchise and is ready to bring it back to life. All obligatory complaints about reboots aside, it might actually be cool to see a female Indiana Jones kicking ass and taking treasure again. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, and those video games provide the high concept starting point to get that particular popcorn job done.

According to Deadline Derby, GK wants to see the first new Lara Croft film hit theaters in 2013, with tentative plans for sequels after that. Now the speculation begins. Since Angelina Jolie is a long-shot to return to this thing, what new blood should take over the tan shorts and awkward thigh-gripping gun holsters?

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