Laid to Rest: Chrome Slasher Coming to DVD

laidtorest_coverIt’s no secret that a few of us Rejects totally go bananas for a masked man using a knife to carve this way through thongs throngs of nubile young people.  The more the merrier, spill that blood!  As such, it is with great joy that I can turn you on (heh) to an upcoming straight to DVD slasher hitting the streets on April 21st.

The film is called Laid to Rest and will introduce us to ChromeHead, who appears to be very aptly named.   The film will star Terminator/Corrupt Spartan slayer Lena Headey and be  directed by SFX virtuoso Robert Hall, who first made waves as a director with Lightning Bug.  If you want to get nerdy with me, Laid to Rest was filmed on the Panasonic HPX-3000 high-definition 1080p camera “in the AVC Intra Mode.”  I will readily admit to not knowing what the hell that last part means, but apparently its the first feature film ever to do so.  I do know, however, that filming in 1080p HD is awesome.

If you’re wondering about the plot, which you are, wonder no more.  A young girl (Bobbi Sue Luther) wakes up from severe head trauma in a casket – never a good sign.  She soon comes to realize she’s been abducted by ChromeHead, a metal headed slasher intent on channeling his love of horror movies into his own little blood soaked story.  The killer is described as having the “money and means” to emulate his favorite 80s slasher, which I’m thinking means he sets up a bunch of cameras and other dastardly goodies around the strange and small town where he takes his victims.

Sounds pretty righteous – color me excited any time a masked man gets a hold of a knife.  And this guy has two!  The DVD details are below.

  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Robert Hall and Actor/Producer Bobbi Sue Luther
  • Postmortem: The Making of Laid to Rest
  • The SFX of Laid to Rest
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Theatrical Trailer

What do you think of this masked killer’s look?

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