LAFF 2012: Journey Back to the Old West with Trailer for ‘Dead Man’s Burden’

By  · Published on June 11th, 2012

Making a first feature is hard enough already without adding in the period garb, historical accuracy, and horses (oh, the horses) that a classic-feeling Western demands, but filmmaker Jared Moshe doesn’t back down from those challenges with his Dead Man’s Burden. Premiering at this month’s Los Angeles Film Festival, the film centers on the trials of the McCurry family, hardscrabble homesteaders who are not only trying to survive the elements, but internal strife at its very worst. When a long-thought-dead member of the McCurry family returns after the passing of the patriarch of the family, things come to a startling head. Beautifully lensed, Dead Man’s Burden looks to be a modern story that lassoes a classic feel quite handily.

The film features two saddlebags full of rising talent, including Barlow Jacobs (Shotgun Stories), Clare Bowen (Nashville), and David Call (Tiny Furniture). The film also includes cinematography by Robert Hauer and production design by Ruth De Jong (There Will Be Blood, The Master, The Tree of Life, To The Wonder). Check out the film’s first trailer after the break.

Dead Man’s Burden will have its World Premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 16th, 2012 at 7PM with an additional screening on June 22nd at 950PM.

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