Lady Gaga and Doctor Who: It Makes Too Much Sense

Lady Gaga

Where in the world of film and television does pop sensation Lady Gaga belong? With her extravagant style and futuristic daily-wear costumes, she has to fit somewhere. It’s painfully obvious that such a somewhere exists in the world of hyper-real science fiction. Perhaps some science fiction that is known for having extravagant and often unique characters. Something hip. I got it! Doctor Who.

It seems as if I’m not the only one coming to said conclusion about Lady Gaga and The Doctor. Writer Gareth Roberts, whose work can be seen by audiences in the UK in this coming week’s Who episode “The Lodger,” told OK! Magazine that he’s already got a plan to write Gaga into the show. “The script might end up on screen one day with Lady GaGa, who will have fallen on hard times.” He added: “She is no stranger to dressing up and would be more than a match for the Doctor. It would be a great coup to get her.”

The word is that the idea for a Lady Gaga appearance would see her play a villain, a strange and wondrous vixen with whom The Doctor (currently played by Matt Smith) can match wits. Despite the fact that I’ve never seen Lady Gaga act, I’m for this. Assuming she’s half as good at acting as she is at singing, she should do just fine. And she fits in the Doctor Who universe, which is expansive and sometimes quite wild. Though I have to agree with the sentiments of Meredith Woerner at io9: “We fully expect the queen of the monsters to be a mysterious sovereign of the sensationally dressed lizard people, or something of that nature.”

A Lady Gaga lizard people revolution? That works.

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