Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Resist Emotion in The First Equals Trailer


Post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance is in this year.

Earlier this week we featured the trailer for The Lobster, a movie about a hotel where singles are sent to find love within 45 days, otherwise they are turned into animals. Today we get the first trailer for Like Crazy director Drake Doremus’ moody romantic thriller Equals. It’s got a completely different vibe than The Lobster, but the fascination with what love looks like in futuristic societies remains the same.

In Equals, Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult star as Nia and Silas, “two people in a futuristic society who fall passionately in love, strictly defying the rules of the emotionless culture they have been forced to live in. They try to keep their relationship a secret, but as their leaders become increasingly suspicious, they realize they must ultimately make a choice between going back to the life they have always known or following their hearts and enacting a dangerous plan of escape.”

Similar to his work on Like Crazy, Doremus’ new project is a creatively lit, moody piece that appears to revolve around the performances of two talented young actors. The hope for Equals is that it will be as well-written and gut-wrenching as Doremus’ previous film. Early reviews from last year’s Venice Film Festival suggest that while simple and stylish, Equals does deliver some great chemistry between Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart.

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The script comes from Nathan Parker, who previously worked on Moon with Duncan Jones. The rest of the cast is filled in with other indie favs, including Guy Pearce and Kate Lyn Sheil. A24 will release the movie sometime this summer, though no date has been confirmed.

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